Yuquan Wang

PhD. Yuquan Wang

Wang, Yuquan received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Automation from Beijing Jiao Tong University in 2008, an M.S. degree in Systems, control and robotics, and a Ph.D. degree in Robotics and computer vision from the Computer Vision and Active Perception lab (CVAP) at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden, in 2010 and 2016 respectively. In 2011 he worked as a research assistant at the Eindhoven University of Technology. From 2016 to 2018, he worked as a Post-doc researcher in the Sustainable Production Systems group at KTH. Currently, he is a Post-doc researcher in robotics at CNRS-UM, LIRMM.  His research interests focus on modular and flexible control system design that enables robust, safe, and easy-to-use robotic systems.

Nicolas Figueroa M.

PhD.(c) Nícolas Figueroa M.

Robotics specialist, PhD candidate at the University of Montpellier, France. and by the PUCP, Peru. Master in Robotics and Automation from the Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain. Technology advisor, president of the RAS (Robotics & Automation Society) IEEE Peru Section 2021 – 2022. Initiator of Robotics | International Community, Research Director at RoboticsLab, Electronic CIP Engineer, inventor, mentor with experience in industrial automation and instrumentation and Internet of Things. Manager of the company NFM Robotics focused on Industrial Robotics and CEO of DNIe.pe roboticslab.pe robot uv.com Persevering, creative, innovative. With the aim of promoting robotics in Peru and Latin America.

Carlos Alberto Sotelo López

Mg. Carlos Alberto Sotelo Lopez

Electronic Engineer Master in Communications Engineering, Master in Business Administration MBA, Former VICE MINISTER OF COMMUNICATIONS, currently Director of the School of Telecommunications of the Faculty of Electronic and Electrical Engineering of the UNMSM, consultant in Information Technology and Communications with experience as in: Management for the supervision of projects, Formulation of telecommunications projects as head of the Project Formulation Area of ​​the Telecommunications Investment Fund, Technical Manager of telecommunications, Project Coordinator, Technical Advisor in Regulatory Policy. Experience in installation and maintenance of radio communications systems, training of engineers and specialists, experience in more than 30 years in university teaching at the Master’s and postgraduate level at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Faculty of Electronic Engineering), Universidad San Martin de Porres (Faculty of Systems Engineering), Antenor Orrego Private University, University of Lima.

Edy Román Ccorahua

Mg. Edy Roman Ccorahua

Electrical Engineer from the National University of Engineering (UNI), with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Electrical Power Systems and Electrical Markets; both in the public and private sectors. He has a Master’s degree in Organizational Management from the Bordeaux IV University in France, postgraduate studies in Regulation of Public Services from the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC) and a specialization in Quality Management Systems, Environment and Safety and Occupational Health by SGS academy. He has worked on different projects for companies in the electricity subsector, as well as for the Ministry of Energy and Mines and the Energy Tariffs Commission. In the institutional sphere, he was president of the Chapter of Electrical Engineering and member of the Directory of the Departmental Council of Lima of the CIP in the Period 2013-2015, where different management improvement projects were implemented.

Jorgue Guerra Guerra

Mg. Jorgue Guerra Guerra

Degree in Computing and Electronic Engineering from the UNMSM, Msc in Systems Engineering and is a Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Engineering. Systems by UNMSM. Member of the Internet of Things Research Group UNMSM, Professor in the Distributed Systems and Internet of Things courses in undergraduate in the Faculty of Systems Engineering and Informatics, as well as a teacher in Scientific Research Methodology in the Master’s Degree in Strategic Management of Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering UNMSM. advisor to the IAS Chapter of the IEEE UNMSM Student Branch 2022. Specialization in Internet of Things and Smart City with publications registered in SCOPUS and Web of Science (WoS), external evaluator of papers for Open Journal for MDPI, and TECNIA (UNI). Evaluator of innovation projects for CONCYTEC and Pro INNOVATE and publication of book chapters on IoT for Elsevier and Springer.

Nicanor Raul Benites Saravia

Dr. Nicanor Raúl Benites Saravia

Electronic Engineer, graduated from the National University of Engineering (UNI), Master in Sciences with mention in Automatics and Instrumentation of the Postgraduate Unit FIEE-UNI, Doctor in Electrical Engineering from the FIEE Postgraduate Unit of the National University of Callao (ONE C). Scopus Author ID: 57213687595, Researcher RENACYT with code P0097290, UNMSM Researcher, Speaker at National and International Conferences, Past Vice Dean of Research and Postgraduate of the Faculty of Electronic and Electrical Engineering of the University National Mayor of San Marcos. Past Director of the FIEE Postgraduate Unit of the University National Mayor of San Marcos. Past-Director of the Professional School of Electronic Engineering from UNAC. Past Head of the Research Center “ENGINEERING FOR HEALTH” of the FIEE-UNAC.

Past Director of the Department of Electronic Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering Electronics and Electrical (FIEE) of the National University of San Marcos. Past Director Academic of the Faculty of Electronic and Electrical Engineering of the UNMSM. Past Director of Department of Electronic Engineering of the UNAC. Past Director of the Office of Records and Academic Archives (ORAA)-UNAC. Past Assemblyman of the National University of Callao.


Dr. Justiniano Quispe Marcatoma

Dr. Justiniano Quispe Marcatoma, qualified as RENACYT Researcher. Carlos Monge II. With studies in Physics at the National University of
San Marcos (1997). Graduated in Physics from the National University of San Marcos (2001).
Master’s degree in Solid State Physics at the Faculty of Physical Sciences – Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (2006) and with a
Doctorate in Physical Sciences. Brazilian Center for Physical Research. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Brazil (2014). I work as a senior lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Physical Sciences. National University of San Marcos. Principal investigator of the San Marcos Center of Excellence at the Center for Technological, Biomedical and Environmental Research (CITBM). It has two patents registered in INDECOPI: The first patent is: Multiple injector electrospinning equipment. And as a second patent: System for removing arsenic +3 from water through the use of nanoparticles and a magnetic separator for its removal from water.


PhD.(c) Dante Elías G.

Mechanical Engineer from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), CIP collegiate. 99884. Doctor of Engineering Sciences, mention in Computer Aided Mechanical Design, from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Full-time professor (Main category) of the Mechanical
Engineering Section of the PUCP. National SINACYT Award for Innovation 2014. Special award “Inventions with the greatest Social Impact” by
NESST Peru in 2013. PUCP Award for Recognition of Research 2009, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019. Advisor to winning projects in INTERCON
congresses 2010 and 2011. Responsible for project management and main researcher from 2000 to date. Publications in specialized magazines and international events. Co-organizer of national and international academic events, reviewer of scientific articles for national and international
conferences. Experience in various academic-administrative positions at PUCP (Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, University Assembly, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Postgraduate School). Currently,

Director of the Biomedical Engineering Degree, Director of the Master’s Degree in Mechatronics Engineering, Director of the Center for Rehabilitation Engineering and Technology (CITER), Member of the Engineering Department Council, Member of the Innovation Commission, Member of the Fe y Cultura, Member of the Intellectual Property Commission, Head of the Biomechanics and Applied Robotics Research Laboratory (LIBRA), Coordinator of the Applied Robotics and Biomechanics Research Group (GIRAB), and Co-founder of LATBIONICS SAC.


PhD. Victor A. Rodriguez-Toro

Victor Rodriguez-Toro received his BS degree in Electronics Engineering at Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia. After an exchange program as an Erasmus Mundus scholar at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Munich, Germany, he received his MS degree in Electronics Engineering from Universidad del Valle. Awarded with a Fulbright Fellowship, he obtained his MS and PhD degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. During his graduate studies, Dr. Rodriguez-Toro was recognized by the School of ECE as an Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant and given the ECE Faculty Award, and by the College of Engineering with the Intel FOCUS scholar award. Currently, Dr. Rodriguez-Toro works at IBM Research as a Hardware Developer in Quantum Computing in Yorktown Heights, NY.


PhD. Carlos Arturo Raymundo Ibañez

He is currently a full-time Research Professor in the category of Appointed Principal, as well as as he is the deputy general coordinator of the Research Department at UPC. To date it has approximately 250 research articles published and indexed in SCOPUS or WEB OF SCIENCE. As well as 4 patents requested and registered in INDECOPI in the area of ​​Health and Energy. And leadership as Principal Investigator in more than 10 research projects with internal and external financing of Non-reimbursable Funds for an approximate amount of S/.1 ́600,000.00 (approximately US$400,000.00).

Obtains a Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from the Private UniversityAntenor Orrego (1993). Following parallel studies of Industrial Engineering at the University Nacional de Trujillo where he graduated with a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering.

It is later titled Computer and Systems Engineer (1995). He graduated with a Master of Engineering from Systems mention in Information Systems at the Antenor Orrego Private University, in agreement with the Institute. Tecnológico de Monterrey (1999-2000).


Wilfredo B. Fanola Merino

Electronic engineer with a specialization in telecommunications from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. He has a master’s degree in senior management, with a mention in defense and aerospace development and a postgraduate degree in digital communications engineering.

Experience in VSAT Networks, design, sizing and implementation, Telecommunications management, maintenance of earth stations and remote VSAT terminals, implementation of broadcasting systems in mining companies, implementation of alternative energy systems, VSAT systems, for broadband Internet access and VoIP services and implementation of VSAT Networks with IP exchanges, for rural areas.

Radiofrequency teacher at the National University of San Marcos.


Martin F. Sarango. PhD

PUCP Professor, Postgraduate Program in Applied Physics. BID-PCM advisor on telecom and digital transformation, Leader of the National Digital Networks and of National Strategy for Smart-Cities of Peru.

PhD in Telecommunications Engineering from Polytechnic University of Catalonia; certified in Management of Satellite Systems by the École de l’espace of Airbus Defense & Space France; with 25-year experience in the aerospace industry. Ordinary professor at Graduate School of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. IEEE Senior Member since 1998; President 2021-2022 of the Aerospace and Electronic Systems & Signal Processing (AESS/SPS) Chapter of the IEEE Peru Section. Currently, he is a consultant of the Inter-American Development Bank, Leader of the National Digital Networks REDNACE/RNIE and of the National Strategy for Smart Cities at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru. He worked as Director of Technologic Transfer at the Space Agency of Peru CONIDA. At international scope, he was Representative of Peru in France for the PeruSAT-1 Satellite Program; as well as Head of the NASA-PERSEUS Space Mission; and National Representative of Spain at the Management Committee of

he European Action COST-76. He received the Greeting Motion from the Congress of Peru; the Title of Favorite Son and the Gold Medal of the City of Piura; the Prize to Scientific and Technological Businessman of Peru; and the Young Scientist Award from the International Union of Radio Science URSI.


Michael Cabanillas

Engineer and Master in Systems Engineering from the National University of Callao – Peru, doctoral student in Systems Engineering and Telecommunications at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. President of the IEEE-Peru Education Society chapter. Conference Chair of the Engineering International Research Conference IEEE Peru EIRCON. Research professor at the Norbert Wiener University, professor at the Northern Private University, Autonomous University of Peru. Advisor and Jury of Engineering Thesis in different universities of Peru. International speaker in Spain, United Kingdom, South Africa, Romania, Argentina, Chile, China.

Specialization in Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Augmented Reality. Reviewer of scientific articles and author of more than 30 scientific articles indexed to IEEE Xplore, WoS and Scopus.


PhD. Ruth E. Rubio Noriega

Doctor in Telecommunications and Telematics from the State University of Campinas in São Paulo, Brazil, Master in Electrical Engineering in the area of Telecommunications and Telematics, Electronic Engineer from the Antenor Orrego Private University of Trujillo. Qualified as CONCYTEC Researcher. As a doctoral student, she participated in the device and application research area of the thematic project: Instituto Nacional de
Ciência e Tecnologia Fotônica para Comunicações Ópticas – Fotonicom, which is made up of 10 academic teaching institutions and two high-tech companies in the Brazilian territory. She worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Campinas from 2012 to 2013. She worked as a researcher at the most important ICT technology park in Latin America, CPqD-Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Telecomunicações from 2014 to 2016 in the Optical Management team. In 2017, she was awarded the Grant for Women in Photonics by the IEEE Photonics Society at the IEEE Photonics Society Annual Meeting.


Miguel Nuñez

He works as a teacher, researcher, consultant in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics, and manager of innovative projects with high
added value. Data scientist at INTERSEC company (France) for 2 years. Doctor in Computer Science from the University. de Toulouse, degree obtained for the work he carried out as an R&D Engineer at the LAAS-CNRS France on the application of inferences in space-time data (Big Data) of human mobility and the evaluation of its impact on the loss of privacy. Núñez del Prado is a Systems Engineer in Peru (CIP 98512) and a
Network and Telecommunications Engineer in France (INSA Toulouse & Telecom Brittany) and has 2 master’s degrees, one in Computer
Science and Telecommunications with a specialization in Networks (INSA & ENSEEIHT), and another in Administration with a specialization in Strategic Management of Innovation (IAE – Univ. del Capitole).


Ph.D Jorge Luis Rojas Barnett

Engineer Flight Inspector FAA (FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION – License 15300051, Certified Pilot RPAS License 001 DGAC-MTC, Volunteer
Firefighter of Peru License A17543, International Leading Auditor ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17025:2017.
Electronic Engineer, Doctoral Candidate in Engineering in the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, with an Engineer’s license CIP 157370,
Member of technical committees for the preparation of national regulations in the National Institute of Quality “INACAL”. He has 12 years of
work experience, has held leadership and management positions in aviation companies, has more than 50 aviation courses validated by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Peru and has certified hangars, aeronautical workshops, as well as installations or modifications in aircraft. and helicopters.


Sammy Cerida Rengifo

He obtained a degree in electronic engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), Lima, Peru. He worked as head of the Microelectronics laboratory at PUCP advising students on projects based on FPGA platforms and electronic design. Collaborated as an intern in
the development of a Gigabit Ethernet platform for the acquisition radar system of the Jicamarca Radio Observatory (ROJ). He obtained a joint
master’s degree in Micro and Nanotechnologies for Integrated Systems from the Politecnico di Torino in Italy, Grenoble INP in France, and the
École Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. He did his master’s thesis researching on Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID analog
Front-End for the Swatch Group company EM Microelectronic. Currently, he is working on his doctoral thesis at the Center Suisse d’Électronique et de Microtechnique (CSEM) and the EPFL, on the design of ultra-low-power transceivers for Frequency-Modulated Continuous-Wave (FMCW) radars operating in the 60GHz band.