INTERCON is a highly technical conference that was created when the IEEE was organizing major events around the world.
Given this, the initiative was given to organize an event in Peru in order to bring together students and professionals of the specialties related to the areas of interest of the IEEE.
Luis Guzmán Galloso, author of this great idea, never imagined that this event would become the flagship and most anticipated Congress of the
IEEE Peru Section. In this way, INTERCON has been held since 1994 in our country and is currently a recognized event worldwide at IEEE where
knowledge and advances in technology are shared.

IEEE Peru Section

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IEEE Student Branch of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos

IEEE UNMSM is a student organization, formed by students of electronic engineering, mechatronics, telecommunications, computer science, systems and others. This organization seeks to promote professional and technical development in students of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. This through the development of educational activities such as technical lectures, project development and other activities.