2022 IEEE XXIX International Conference on Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computing (INTERCON)

Important Dates

Full paper submission deadline

May 30, 2022

Notification of acceptance

July 20, 2022

Final paper submission deadline

July 27, 2022

Autor registration deadline

July 31, 2022

Oral presentations

August 11 to 13, 2022

The 2022 IEEE XXIX International Conference on Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computing – INTERCON aims to bring together researchers, professionals, students and entrepreneurs to facilitate the approach, identification and commitment to join challenges that allow the development of technologies for the benefit of humanity.

CFP INTERCON 2022 has been redesigned in a virtual environment, for the safety of our community and to offer an inclusive experience.

For oral presentations, will use teleconferences tools to prepare interactive presentation sessions. Remote hosts will use a common remote presence software tool which will be determined and announced by the organizing committee.

The topics include, but they are not limited to:

  • Communication systems
  • Semiconductor and devices
  • Computers and information technology
  • Signal processing
  • Systems and control
  • Emerging technologies
  • Circuits and systems
  • Power generation, transmission and distribution
  • Renewable energy sources, smartgrids technologies
  • Optoelectronic materials, devices and systems
  • Climatic change & Renewable energy
  • DC systems in High Voltage, BESS and nuclear power plants.
  • Bioengineering
  • Power electronics, systems and applications
  • Electrical machines and adjustable speed drives
  • High voltage engineering and insulation technology
  • Algorithms and complexity
  • Architecture and organization
  • Graphics and visualization
  • Information management, assurance and security
  • Intelligent systems
  • Parallel and distributed Computing
  • Software engineering
  • Social issues and professional practice
  • Research & Development restrictions and improvements

Conference Contacts

Organizing Committee Conference Chair: Jorge Lafitte dr.jorge.lafitte@ieee.org
Technical Program Chair: Ricardo Arias ricardo.ariasvelasquez.eng@ieee.org
Publication Chair: José Durán joseduran@ieee.org
Publication Co Chair: Marco Cruz marcocruz@ieee.org
Conference Treasurer: Romel Jimenez rjimenez@ieee.org
Information Contact: Nicole Caballero nicole.caballero@ieee.org
Dario Utrilla dutrillas@unmsm.edu.pe
Fiorella Montalvo fiorella_montalvo@ieee.org


Technical and Financial Sponsored By: IEEE Perú Section
Technical Sponsored By: Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, IEEE Student Branch

New author registration fees

The author registration fees has been modified according to the following table.

Author Registration Type Registration Fees in US Dollars
IEEE undergraduate student and
IEEE graduate student member (*)
IEEE members in general 260.00
Non IEEE 330.00

(*) Accredited by an educational institution official current enrollment report.

All the author registered will have access to participate at the whole conferences virtual events including keynote conferences and authors oral presentation.

  • The official language of 2022 IEEE INTERCON is ENGLISH. The maximum number of authors per paper, including co-authors is four (4). Papers must be submmited in PDF and no longer than four (4) pages, following the IEEE Conference Template available at:
  • https://www.ieee.org/conferences/publishing/templates.html

  • We will use EasyChair system for submissions here:


  •  Accepted technical papers will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.
  • About the English oral presentation, it is not possible for an author to register and for another to make the oral presentation.
  • Accepted authors must send the final version of the paper. Otherwise, they won’t be considered for the oral presentations and the paper will be withdrawn from the program.
  • The submission of the final version and the oral presentations are mandatory to be in compliance with the IEEE requirements for submission of your paper to IEEE Xplore Digital Library (even if you have completed the registration process)

Any doubts/questions about submissions should be emailed to joseduran@ieee.org and informes@ieee.org.pe

An Author or at least one of the co-authors planning to submit a paper for oral presentation has to be registered in the conference.

  • One individual registration as Undergraduate Student is eligible for a maximum of one (01) paper.
  • One individual registration as Professional is eligible for a maximum of two (02) papers.
  • For more papes, the cost for each aditional paper is $180.

There will be no refunds for paid registrants. If an author has uploaded a paper using his/her registration, the registration will not be refunded, even if the paper is withdrawn. Substitutions for paid registrants may be made at any time without penalty before July 29, 2022. All substitutions requests must be in writing (e- mail is preferred) and should be received by the Conference Chair (dr.jorge.lafitte@ieee.org) on or before July 29, 2022.

(1) Relevance to the conference, (2) Contribution to academic debate, (3) Structure of the paper, (4) Standard of English, (5) Appropriateness of the research/study method, (6) Relevance and clarity of drawings, graphs and tables, (7) Appropriateness of abstract as a description of the paper, (8) Use and number of keywords/key phrases, (9) Discussion and conclusions, (10) Reference list, adequate and correctly cited.

We look forward to your participation in INTERCON 2022.