Leoncio Huamán Peredo

Leoncio Huamán Peredo is a Hybrid solutions architect. He currently works on business process automation solutions creating virtual robots for IBM’s Global Services area. In addition, he developed a personal project with IBM Watson AI services to eliminate the communication barrier for the hearing impaired, which was awarded by MIT in Latin America.

Jeancarlo Videla

Graduated from the National University of Engineering (UNI), Peru. He currently works for Inel, carrying out studies and training for various companies in the sector. Experienced in the development of electrical studies for the connection of generation, transmission, distribution and industrial projects. Advanced handling of simulation software PowerFactory, ETAP and ATP.

Kamal Arreaza

Electrical Engineer from the Universidad de Oriente (UDO), Venezuela. With a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from UNEXPO, Venezuela. With 13 years of experience in the design and construction of large engineering projects. He has designed and reviewed transmission lines and substations projects for clients in several Latin American countries and the United States.

Oscar Alejandro Castillo Naveda

Mechatronics Engineer graduated from the Technological University of Peru, specialising in smart homes. Around research on Smart City & IoT, also on Artificial Intelligence applications.

He is currently a Consultant in Technology Project Management, Organizational Management in technology companies and virtual education. CEO and founder of Mec in Home, virtual education startup in technology projects.

Valeria Marín Montealegre

Biomedical engineer and master’s student in product development engineering at the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente. Director and co-founder of HUMANBX S.A.S. a biomedical engineering design and manufacturing company. Passionate about digital technologies and design trends for innovative products for medicine and health. With high experience in the design of custom devices for reconstructive surgery and digital fabrication techniques.

Valeria has different studies and certifications for specialised design in custom implants, especially for Materialise NV Belgium. Additionally, she has experience in the implementation of innovation systems for technology departments. She is certified in innovation by the Global Innovation Management Institute and the IXL-Center Institute in Boston and teaches at the Universidad del Valle for the graduate school of dentistry.

Cristian Bran Chiroque

Mechatronics engineering student with extensive knowledge in software and hardware development, interested in research on programming, automation and science, self-taught, proactive and committed to his responsibilities.

Cristhian Quispe Canchari

Electronic specialist. Co-founder of UMAKER S.A.C., a technology training, research and innovation company in the area of ​​the Internet of Things, Automation and Robotics. Software developer with Python, C ++, C and Java oriented to IoT applications. 7 years of experience as a developer with PIC and AVR microcontrollers in the industrial field. 4 years of experience in the IoT field with ESP32 SoCs, GPRS – GPS applications. He is currently a developer partner of the operator Sigfox in Peru for embedded applications.

Alexandra Cáceres

Environmental Engineer, with knowledge and experience in the area of ​​Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals, management of Geographic Information Systems and Integral Management of Water Resources. She has experience in teamwork and knowledge related to humanitarian technology project management within the IEEE.

She has assumed roles as President of SIGHT Paraguay / Project Coordinator SIGHT / Vice President SIGHT Paraguay, Ambassador Committee of Humanitarian Activities, Evaluating Member of the IEEE HAC Events Committee, and currently serves as a member of the Education Group – R9 Latin America and Caribbean.

Antuanett Damián

Trainee of Electrical Maintenance and technical service in the area of ​​electrocontrol for the 7 main hydroelectric plants in the Country at ENEL and Head of Logistics at Tech Hunter Entertainment. With more than 4 years of experience leading work groups and developing technological projects for educational purposes aimed at children, youth and adults. Lover and apprentice of renewable energies and university education. In addition, she has assumed the position of IEEE HAC / SIGHT R9 Marketing leader, IEEE Peru Section Brand Manager and PES CSAC VP Marketing.

Daniel Guzman

I2 Client Technical Professional – IBM Argentina

Estuardo Romero

IBM Security Technical Professional – IBM Perú